Nagpur, Best City to live

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Nagpur is the very famous city in India. It is the second capital of Maharashtra. It is also known as the winter capital of India It is the place which is located on the Deccan plateau. Though it is not as large as Delhi, though it is not having any beach like Mumbai and Thane But it is the city which teach you to live better and safe.


Nagpur is surrounded with the lush of green trees, and greenery all over. In Late 2007 almost one lack people were Plantation trees because of which today It is known as one of the green city in India.


Recently, the city is rewarded as the best city to live in by the very famous news channel ABP news. The famous city of Nagpur got total four awards. It was one of the proudest moments for all Nagpurians, when city was rewarded as the ‘Best City of India to live’.

Nagpur is home to the numerous educational institute’s hospitals, parks, shopping malls, markets and Hotels in Nagpur. All these basic facilities are available Nagpur which are best for the simple living .The city of Nagpur is entitled as ‘Orange city’ because oranges are cultivated here in large amount. So if you want to taste the real fruit of Orange you can visit the city.


Nagpur has so many places to visit like Diksha Bhoomi, Tekdi Ganapati, Ramtek, and Dragon Palace. The city is growing rapidly. Very Renowned Project of MIHAN is currently under construction which will be the home to the many software companies. City is also home to the International Cricket Ground due to which many of the VIP’s and tourist visit the city. There is more demand for Nagpur Hotels. For the comfortable stay one has to make right choice of Nagpur Hotel Booking.


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