Continuous rain disrupt Nagpur’s railway traffic

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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From last few weeks heavy rainfall is brings cheers to the Nagpur District but it leaved several areas submerged and many more problems arises due to this like railway traffic is totally disrupted from few days and Mumbai- Nagpur railway traffic stopped for few days. City’s Ambazari Lake is overflowing and in many areas peoples facing problems for transportation also. Heavy rain affected Nagpur air traffic and it also affected train movement as trains including Rajdhani express running late as rainwater had submerged the railway tracks in Chandrapur and Nagpur. Some low lying areas of the city are totally drenched because of the rainfall as water has entered into many houses. NMC’s pumps are being pressed to remove water from many areas.


As per the reports, this year Nagpur district has received rainfall over 100 percent and major part of the city is facing problems due to this but at the same time it has brought cheers to farmers. As per the regional department, heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in next two days that is on 22nd and 23rd July 22, 2013, and that is why department said to be aware and be prepared for more rain. Because of heavy rainfall in last two weeks ballast under the tracks and few minor bridges were washed away completely, leading to the cancellation of ten mail and passenger trains. Over 300 workers are engaged in restoration of the tracks and bridges and some of the super-fast trains are diverted via Itarasi, Bhusawal rail track.

Because of cancellation of trains and air traffic many tourists and peoples have to wait in the city till the trains started and it is all becoming very hectic to tourists also. In this situation hotels and lodges are earning money because people have to wait somewhere and they prefer to stay in hotels and as Sitabuldi is near to railway station therefore most of the tourists prefer hotels in Sitabuldi and the region houses many hotels and lodges.


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