Best hotels near Nagpur Airport

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Nagpur is one of the most famous cities in Indian state of Maharashtra which is popularly known as the city of Oranges. The city is located in the heart of the country means Nagpur is the geographical centre of India and that is why it is equidistant from all the cities of the country. The city is a major tourists and business destination as there are number of tourist’s attractions and many companies and very frequently people visit this city.


In Nagpur, hotels near airport are very popular as the region has many famous hotels and lodges and hotels near airport are preferable by most of the tourists to Nagpur. There are number of hotels located near airport some of them are,

• Hotel Centre Point – This hotel is located near airport and it is among the most preferred and popular hotels in Nagpur. The hotels provide excellent facilities to their customers.


• The Legend Inn – It is located just opposite to Airport gate provide every facility. It is a 3 star hotel but provide facilities like 5 stars.


• Hotel Pride – Pride hotel is located here from many years but still very popular among the tourists provide best services.


• Hotels Sun n sand – Sun n sand is a popular group of hotels which is a 5 star hotel and most of the parties and celebrations it is one of the best hotels in Nagpur.


There are many more hotels located in this area and due to the huge project called MIHAN; many business travellers frequently visit this region and that is why hotels near Nagpur airport are very popular among the tourists. The city houses many tourists’ attractions such as Ramtek Fort, Tekadi Ganesh, Koradi temple, Futala Lake and many more because of which people visit the city. For transportation one can easily come here by train, bus and by air also. You can also find best hotels near Nagpur Railway station and in Buldi region.


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